Dates: Sexual Performance Potency, Increase Libido

They are also a rich source of potassium


Dates are a good source of various vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of energy, sugar, and fiber.


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Dates contain vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.

This wonder fruit contains essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium

Others are potassium, magnesium and zinc can be found in them.

Apart from the essential minerals,  they also contain vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.


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Dates with milk, yogurt or with bread or butter

People consume them in several ways such as mixing the paste of the dates with milk, yogurt or with bread or butter to make them even more delicious

During the fasting period by Muslims, date is also used to break their fast by eating them and water,  according to their cultural traditions

Consumption of this natural sugar fruit helps curtail overeating of food once the fast is over


  • Relieve Constipation

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    Relieve Constipation

Dates are often categorized as a laxative food. This is why they are so frequently eaten by people suffering from constipation

They have high levels of soluble fiber, which is essential in promoting healthy bowel movements and comfortable passage of food through the intestinal tract

Soaked Dates

In order to achieve the desired laxative effect of dates, you should soak some of them in water overnight

Then consume in the morning when they turn into a syrup, to get the most optimal results..

  • Strengthen Bones
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    Dates fights off painful and debilitating diseases like osteoporosis

The significant amounts of minerals found in dates make them a super food for strengthening bones

It also fights off painful and debilitating diseases like osteoporosis

Dates contain selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are integral to healthy bone development and strength

Particularly as people begin to age and their bones gradually weaken

  • Treat Intestinal Disorders
  • Intestinal Disorder

The nicotine content in dates is thought to be beneficial for curing many kinds of intestinal disorders

Continuous intake helps to inhibit the growth of the pathological organisms and help stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines.

  • Treats Anemia
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    High level of iron in dates balances out the inherent lack of iron in anemic patients

Dates have a high mineral content, which is beneficial for many different health conditions

But their impressive levels of iron makes them a perfect dietary supplement for people suffering from anemia

The high level of iron in dates balances out the inherent lack of iron in anemic patients

There by increasing energy and strength while decreasing feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.

  • Promote Weight Gain
  • Weight control

Dates should be included as a part of a healthy diet. They consist of sugar, proteins, and many essential vitamins

Also, if dates are consumed with cucumber paste, you can keep your weight at a normal, balanced level, rather than over-slimming

One kilogram of dates contains almost 3,000 calories, and the calories in them are sufficient to meet the daily requirements for a human body.

  • Boost Energy
  • Dates, energy booster

Dates are high in natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Therefore, they are the perfect snack for an immediate burst of energy

Dates As A Snack

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Dates as an afternoon snack

Many people around the world eat dates for a quick afternoon snack when they are feeling lethargic or sluggish

Often when you exercise in a gym outside or even on a stretching machine at home, you feel exhausted

Chewing few dates at such times helps you regain your energy immediately.

  • Maintain Nervous System Health
  • Extracted Dates juice

The vitamins present in dates makes it an ideal boost to nervous system’s health and functionality

They are a wonderful food source for people as they begin to age and their nervous system becomes sluggish or unsupported, as well as for people who want to keep their mind sharp.

  • Promote Heart Health
  • Dates soaked in Honey

Dates are quite helpful in keeping your heart healthy. When they are soaked overnight, crushed in the morning and then consumed

They have been shown to have a positive effect on weak hearts. They are also a rich source of potassium

Furthermore, they are suggested as a healthy and delicious way to reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body, which is a major contributing factor of heart attacks, heart disease, and stroke.

  • Treat Sexual Weakness
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    Looking for masculine boost, eat some dates

Studies have shown that dates are even beneficial for increasing sexual stamina

Soak a handful of dates in fresh goat’s milk overnight, then grind them in the same milk with a mixture of cardamom powder and honey

This mixture becomes a very useful tonic for increasing sexual endurance and reducing sterility caused by various sexual disorders

If you are looking for a masculine boost, eat some dates, because they are a great natural aphrodisiac.

  • Relieve Intoxication
  • Alcoholic intoxication

Dates are also commonly used as a remedy for alcoholic intoxication.

They provide quick relief and have a sobering effect, in the event that you feel you have consumed excessive alcohol

In addition, it helps control hangover the morning after, just rub and soak overnight for best results.

  • Treat Diarrhea
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    Soluble fiber in them can helps relieve diarrhea

Ripe dates contain potassium, which is known as an effective way of controlling diarrhea

They are also easy to digest, which further helps alleviate the unpredictable nature of chronic diarrhea

The soluble fiber in them can also help relieve diarrhea.

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