Lagos Court Dissolves Omotoke Makinwa’s Marriage

Judge: “I hereby pronounce a `Decree Nisi’ dissolving the marriage between Makinwa and Ayida



An Igbosere High Court in Lagos on Thursday dissolved the 3-year-old marriage between popular radio presenter, Omotoke Makinwa known as Toke and her estranged husband, Maje Ayida.

Following the order given by the court that the estranged lovers should go their separate ways.

Makinwa , the co-host of the ‘Morning Drive’ on Rhythm 93.7FM in 2016 asked the court to dissolve the marriage on the grounds that Ayida committed adultery.

Justice Morenike Obadina, while delivering judgment held that Maye filed an answer to the petition but did not give oral evidence in support of it.

In the Beginning

Maye Fail To Give Evidence

According to the Judge, the position of the law is settled as pleadings did not amount to evidence.

“Pleadings on which no evidence was led are deemed abandoned. Therefore, Ayida’s evidence is deemed abandoned.

“The effect being that the petitioner’s evidence is unchallenged and uncontroverted,’’ she ruled.

The judge speaking says the issue of cruelty which the petitioner (Makinwa) relied on was established because of the “mental and emotional stress” her estranged husband subjected to her.

She says Makinwa had sufficiently proven that the husband committed adultery and continued to flaunt his adulterous relationships even to her face.

“I hold that the marriage has broken down on grounds of intolerable behaviour.

“I hereby pronounce a `Decree Nisi’ dissolving the marriage between Makinwa and Ayida which was administered at the Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi, Lagos, on Jan. 15, 2014.

“The order Nisi shall become absolute three months from today unless within that period sufficient cause is shown why it should not be made absolute,” Obadina says.

Toke Testify Against Estranged Husband

The blogger had told the court that her husband committed adultery with his mistress, Anita Solomon.

She adds that the adulterous relationship produced a child.

Furthermore, she says since their marriage was contracted, the husband had “behaved in a matter she could not reasonably be expected to continue to bear”.

According to her, Ayida was cruel towards her, adding that their differences became irreconcilable.

Tender Documents

During the trial, the petitioner (Makinwa ) testified in court and tendered some documents including their marriage certificate which were admitted in evidence.

In her testimony, she notes that after their marriage was contracted in 2014, cohabitation with her husband ceased on November 8, 2015, without any child from the marriage.

She also told the court of an instance where her husband threatened separation and even drafted a separation agreement because she discovered that he bought a ticket for his mistress to travel to London.

The first respondent (Ayida) who replied to the petition when served, however, instructed his counsel, Mr T. O. Lawal, not to continue with the defence.

Maye through his counsel, therefore, foreclosed all evidence.

The mistress (Solomon), who is the second respondent, refused to join issues with the petitioner.

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