Alfa, Pastor Arrested In Possession Of Fresh Human Parts

“They beat us up after realising that there was a human head and other body parts in the bag." Accomplice says


An Islamic Cleric (Alfa) and a Pastor have been arrested By the Police alongside their accomplices after they were found in possession of fresh human parts.

The incident which occurred in the Oyo State Capital, has it that a family contracted the Alfa (Islamic Cleric) to conduct a Fidau Prayer for the loss of a loved one which the Alfa oblige them.

Unknown to the family, the Alfa had an ulterior motive as he had his accomplices on standby to exhume the body later that day

Olapade Saheed, 32, and Olatunji Aiodun, 26, both accomplices wasted no time in carrying out their task as they dug up the corpse and harvested parts of the body needed

Luck however ran out on them as they were apprehenrened by the police and their arrest further led to the arrest of the fourth person in the gang who happens to be pastor of a church situated in Ojagbo in the Oranyan area of Ibadan.

The parts harvested which consist of the deceased man’s head among other parts, is required for money ritual concoction for clients.


The Alfa eventually confessed that he used the human flesh for money ritual.

“Someone introduced Saheed and Abiodun to me. I gave them N2,500 to help me find human flesh

“We all met at Ayegun junction, Ibadan. Around 10pm, I took them to a grave where a body that was brought from Warri, Delta State, was buried

“I took part in the prayers for the deceased before he was buried. I left them (Saheed and Abiodun) there but they refused to let me go

“They said they wanted to sleep in my house that night. I got them a place close to my house

“In the early hours of the second day, they came to me with a cellophane bag. I did not check what was inside, but I hanged it on the wall of my house

“Was on my way to my office in Ile-Tuntun when I saw them in the midst of a crowd with a human head

“I use human flesh to make money ritual for people and I pay N2,500 for the flesh. In this case, the charm was for myself

“Did not ask them to cut off the head and it was not in my possession when the police came.”


One of the accomplices Saheed revealed that Alfa paid them the sum of N1,500 for the job and also took them to the grave in question.

Saheed says: “Alfa called us for a job at Ayegun. When we got there, he showed us a grave three houses away from his house

“After we finished the job (of exhuming and cutting off body parts)

“He took what he needed from the remains of the dead man and asked us to dispose of the rest

“We left early in the morning but on our way, a local vigilance group stopped us and asked what was in the bag we carried

“They beat us up after realising that there was a human head and other body parts in the bag

“The police later came to arrest us.”


Abiodun Odude, Oyo Commissioner of Police speaks

Abiodun Odude, Oyo Commissioner of Police, while addressing newsmen says:

“The Alfa, Sulaiman Hamed was contracted by the family a deceased person to coordinate the Fidau prayers for the dead man

“But he contracted two other men to exhume the corpse so he can use the body parts for rituals

“The two accomplices – Olapade Saheed, 32, and Olatunji Aiodun, 26 – were later caught with the deceased’s head and other body parts

“Leading to the arrest of Hamed and Tope Akinyele, 45, who claimed to be the pastor of a church in Ojagbo, in the Oranyan area of Ibadan.”

Odude also reemphasize that the state will not tolerate any criminal activities.

CP Odude lik wise says the suspects, upon conclusion of investigations, will be charged to court.

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